buying a used Montgomery Guitar

By 10th September 2019Uncategorised

First and foremost, if you stumble across a used Montgomery Guitar and need any information it’s always best to get in touch with me directly.

Over the years I have sold many guitars, through commisions, direct sales and other outlets.

Commisions are often very unique and are built to suit the requirements of the buyer, if for any reason the guitar is being sold on it’s good to bare in mind that they may not fit in with my ‘standard’ building methods…. so as I mentioned before it’s always best to get in touch with me if there is anything you are unsure of.

I love to experiment, sometimes I will gain a lot from it, sometimes I will lose a lot. Most of my experimental guitars are available for direct purchase and when I am selling them I’m sure to underline their experimental nature.

The truth is that to survive, my experimental builds must be sold and depending on the level of experimental sucess they often get snapped up for very little.

One of the main reasons for this post is that I have noticed experimental guitars that I have sold at a loss then being sold on at hugely inflated prices, with descriptions that aline them with my commsioned work, and fail to mention the non standard approach to their build and finish. I really don’t want anybody parting with their hard earned money on false pretences….. Of coarse if you are able to get your hands on the guitar and are happy to pay the asking price then happy days.

if in doubt, get in touch